What Makes WineShop At Home a great business opportunity?

Being in the wine business can be satisfying on so many levels. Whether you know absolutely nothing about wine, are an established wine lover, or are an incurable cork dork, WineShop At Home offers an opportunity to be part of the wine industry, on your terms.

A business with WineShop At Home can expand your wine knowledge, support an existing wine habit, earn you extra income working part-time, or even give you a whole new career! It’s a business that can work for anyone, regardless of the size or direction of your personal goals.

Before you go down the rabbit hole, clicking around and learning more about what WineShop At Home can offer you, claim your FREE Wine Basics eBook here.

Napa-based WineShop At Home is the only direct sales company offering a wine-based opportunity! What you do with that opportunity is completely up to you.

WineShop At Home is primarily an in-home wine tasting company. The Independent Wine Consultants conduct fun, guided wine tastings. Through those tastings they earn commissions on wine sales, establish relationships with new wine clients, and grow the membership of their own personal wine club. This process creates a strong re-order stream and residual income, all while the consultant is living the wine lifestyle.

Wine consultants increase their commission percentage by hitting different sales thresholds and earn other great benefits like cash bonuses, trips, and wine. Why buy wine when you can earn your wine while you earn extra money?

Wine consultants who share the WineShop At Home opportunity with others get promoted and become eligible for other bonuses and royalties, as well as an even higher commission on their own retail sales. Building a team is optional, but is a natural extension of the process of sharing the wine. It’s an enviable lifestyle and the question “How can I do something like this?” is heard frequently by most of our wine consultants.

After that initial “How” question is answered, most people begin thinking about how to do it successfully. Choosing the right sponsor and joining the right team for you is a very important part of being successful in any direct sales business. So, do your homework and interview potential sponsors.

You’ve certainly come to the right place to get your research started and at this site you can get a more detailed picture of what it all means. The WineShop Lifestyle can be your resource on starting, growing, and ultimately being as successful as you’d like to be with WineShop At Home. In addition, you’ll find information about my journey to the top at WineShop At Home and how I went from a newly married wine novice to the first Executive Director & then first Senior Executive Director with this company in less than five years.

I’m blessed with a tremendous team of phenomenal men and women. In fact, our team contains all the top leaders at WineShop At Home. We don’t believe this is an accident and we’re happy to share the success blueprint with you.

Please click around and check it out. This site was built for you. I look forward to hearing from you directly, should you have any questions, comments, or need any assistance.

Diane B&W headshotDiane Nozik

Senior Executive Director &
Independent Wine Consultant

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